Sign up + KYC

Job Description :

1. Go to create a new outlook mail use password Super2024! (do not add phone number and backup Email)

2. Go to sign up:
Email: use the oullook mail you just registered
Passward: Super2024!

3. Once sign up, click start KYC and finish the KYC process
(KYC requires submition of your id picture and facial recognition)
(Goal of KYC is to avoid multiple registration, your personal information will be safe) 

If you see check mark turn all green like in the picture means you are successful

Submit your work in text area:
1. Your outlook email address and password
2. account password
3. Attach screenshot of proof of finished KYC

I will check mannualy of KYC status, do not submit unfinished work! 

Enter The Required Proof Of Job Finished:

Allowed File Extensions: png,jpg