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Job Description :

  1. Go to www.4irgpt.com 
  2. Click on the "Signup" button (in top right of the homepage)
  3. Complete the Sign up 
  4. Check your email for Verification 
  5. Click the link in the verification email
  6. Now login and upload your profile facial pic, profession, job title, description (a must or I will not approve)
  7. In your account navigate to Manage Prompt and click " Create a Prompt " and write a title and brief synopsis description
  8. Create a professional AI prompt in any subject or industry you have expert knowledge in or want to learn about for subscribers
  9. Be creative, intelligent and query our generative AI to get quality and awesome answers to your prompts  
  10. Click finish when you are satisfied and we will place your prompt in our marketplace through our admin panel
  11. From your Dashboard, share your unique referral link on any: twitter, facebook, instagram, or linkedin 
  12. Lastly, go to our marketplace and share any prompt you like by clicking the share icon. Share on any: linkedin, twitter, facebook or instagram 

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