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A Compressive Guide to What are the best Micro Jobs to complete?

One of the most efficient ways to earn online is micro jobs, but what are the best and most efficient of them? A lot of micro jobs can be not worth your time, so being aware of the best ones is essential. This article goes over the 9 best micro jobs that you can complete, along with the best 3 platforms that you can find them on. 

What to Look For in a Legit Micro Job?

  1. Earnings: Some platforms have micro jobs that pay too low and aren’t worth completing. Make sure always to check out if the earnings from a micro job are worth it. While they still only take a couple of minutes to complete, considering the pay is a must because a lot of jobs try and only pay in cents. 
  2. Flexibility: Always look for flexibility in the job you are doing, make sure they don’t take too much of your time have no commitments and are simply just a one-time gig. 
  3. Requirements: Consider what the requirements of the job are, if they feel like scammy report it to the platform admin team, and if the pay is too low for the requirements skip the job. 

Top 9 Best Micro Jobs to Complete

Micro Jobs are versatile and come in different categories, but some are either too low paying or the requirements are too complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, Picoworkers presents you with a list of the 9 best micro jobs that you can complete for home and earn. 

Paid Surveys

Description: Paid Surveys are one of the easiest and most efficient ways online to earn today. Companies, researchers, and brands pay for your opinions by creating a list of questions that you have to answer across many different platforms like Picoworkers, Survey Junkie, and others. 

Average Pay: The average pay of a paid survey can vary on the platform and the time it takes to complete. Usually paid surveys to pay around $0.25 to $5, but on such platforms as Picoworkers, Swag Bucks, and Survey Junkie, you can find surveys paying $10–$30 or more.

Watching Videos

Description: On websites like Picoworkers, employers pay to check out their videos, which can be YouTube videos, TikTok, Instagram, or just a video that the job owner wants to review. Instead of watching videos and not getting paid, you can complete a micro job of watching a video and get paid in your spare time. 

Average Pay: The pay for watching videos is around between $0.10 to a couple of dollars. It may not be a lot but the task requires you to not do anything and just run the video in the background, and if there are requirements the pay would be better. 

Following Accounts

Description: Following accounts is one of the easiest and most common micro-jobs that can be found. The job doesn’t have many requirements, you simply have to follow the account such as on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or subscribe on YouTube. 

Average Pay: The average pay of the following account is only around in cents, but these take little to no effort and can be found very commonly. By just completing a couple following account tasks, you can make a couple of dollars a day from this single micro-job only. 

Downloading/Testing Apps

Description: There are always new apps being released, and they require testing. Therefore, the companies use GPT (Get-Paid-To) websites to promote their apps and bring in active users to test. You can also find referral and sign-up jobs related to downloading apps by individuals. Downloading apps is one of the most high-paying micro-jobs alongside paid surveys. 

Average Pay: The average pay from downloading apps can vary on the platform you are using and the device compatibility. Usually, a single downloading app task will pay around $0.10-$0.50, however, if the job also has any requirements it can pay up to $5. 


Description: A lot of companies offer sign-up bonuses and referrals, and because of that individuals use GPT sites and promote their links. They usually don’t have any requirements, you simply have to sign up on the platform using their link and submit proof. 

Average Pay: The average pay of sign-up micro jobs is around $1, which is a lot more than regular micro-jobs but these jobs are also rare and may ask to sign up for a trial, therefore the price being high. 

Visiting Websites

Description: Visiting a website requires you to visit a certain website and stay there for a few seconds to a minute. There are also usually no requirements to visit the website, you simply have to visit a website manually by searching or through the link and simply check out the content. 

Average Pay: The average page of visiting websites is between cents to a dollar, depending on what exactly is required. The pay isn’t much but it can add up since this micro job is effortless to complete. 

Account Creations

Description: Account creation involves creating different accounts on a certain platform like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, etc, and providing the details to the employer afterward. 

Average Pay: The average pay for creating an account can vary on the platform you are using and how many accounts are required. Some jobs may have the requirement to create a certain number of accounts or one account for each platform. Usually, the pay for creating one account is $0.10 to $0.50, but the more the requirement the better the pay will be. 

Provide Feedback And Comments

Description: Getting paid for your opinions is one of the great ways to earn through micro-jobs, one good example would be paid surveys. However, that is not all, because there are companies, brands, and individuals who also ask you to comment on their stuff, leave reviews, and provide feedback on their products and services. 

Average Pay: The average pay for providing feedback, and leaving comments can depend on the employer who is posting the job. If it’s a big brand or company the pay would hire compared to a solo individual asking review on their content. Usually, it can be between a few cents to a couple of dollars. 


Description: Most of the GPT platforms, always offer promotions or special offers, that are the highest-paying micro-jobs you can find. These can be anything ranging from special paid surveys, downloading apps, or some kind of sponsorship between the platform and brand which you can take advantage of. The special offers tasks can be a bit longer compared to regular micro-jobs but they are worth the time.

Average Pay: Average pay of promote/special offers can vary on the platform, the bigger the platform the better the will be. But usually, the pay in this kind of micro-job starts from at least $1 running up to around $50 or even more. 

3 Best Micro Job Websites


Overview: Picoworkers is unlike most of the platforms that only stick to one category or just a  few. At, all kinds of micro jobs are available, providing flexibility without any commitment. Starting on Picoworkers is straightforward, you can simply sign up on Picoworkers and start your journey without providing personal information or answering any kinds of questions. 

Average Pay: The average pay on Picoworkers can vary on the category you are in, but overall the average pay is between $0.50 to $7 a day.

Payment Methods: Stripe, PayPal, USDT, Bitcoin, Cashmall, Coinbase Commerce, AirTM, Payeer, Payoneer, Skrill, Transfer Wise, and Revoult

Availability: Picowrokers is available worldwide.

Withdrawal Threshold: $10.

Swag Bucks

Overview: Swag Bucks is somewhat similar to Picowrkers, providing access to many different micro-jobs. As a user, you can collect swag points by completing tasks and redeem them later on for either gift cards or cash. The interface of Swag Bucks is user-friendly and it is also quite straightforward to start on. 

Average Pay: The average pay on a typical day on Swag Bucks is $1 to $5. 

Payment Methods: Paypal, Gift Cards, and Bank Deposit. 

Availability: Swag Bucks is available in most of America, Europe, Asia, and some African countries. 

Withdrawal Threshold: Starting with $3 with a gift card or $25 cash PayPal.

Free Cash

Overview: Free Cash is another great website for micro-jobs providing access to play games, complete surveys, and do small tasks to earn. The website is simple and easy to start on, but the tasks can take way longer to complete. Free Cash also has an easy-to-use app that can be used to complete the jobs. 

Average Pay: On average, you can earn around $0.50 to $2-3 dollars per day.

Payment Methods: PayPal, Visa, Bank Transfer, AirTM.

Availability: Globally Available. 

Withdrawal Threshold: $5.

Tips for Completing Micro-Jobs

  1. Multiple Platforms: To make the most out of micro jobs, sign up to as many reputable platforms as you can. This way you will always have access to complete micro jobs in your spare time, and can also maximize your earnings.  
  2. Being Accurate: While micro jobs are quick and don’t require much effort, you still need to be accurate to get paid. Always read the job description carefully to avoid any mishaps. 
  3. Consistency: Because micro jobs pay low, you have to be consistent to reach the payment threshold. So whenever you have spare time in a day, try and complete as many micro jobs as you can to get the payout ASAP. 
  4. High-Paying Job: Platforms like Picoworkers, Free Cash, etc a lot of times offer high-paying jobs that can pay from $5 to $20 and even more at times. So always be created for the special promotions that pay a lot. 
  5. Quick Micro-Jobs: If you can’t commit too much time to micro jobs, simply only go after quick ones for example following a social media account or leaving a comment. This way you can build up money slowly instead of earning nothing.

Wrapping Up

Micro-jobs come in various categories but the best one can earn you the most. A lot of micro-jobs aren’t worth doing, therefore, this article goes over the best 9 micro-jobs that you can complete while working at home and earning money in your spare time. But remember even the best micro jobs won’t make you rich, they are just a fun and quick way to earn some extra cash online. 

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