Picoworkers vs SproutGigs

Comparison Between Picoworkers vs SproutGigs

If looking to earn money online quickly in your spare time, micro jobs platforms are your go-to sources. But there are many including Picoworkers and SproutGigs - Both similar to each other and have a history. SproutGigs was once known as Picoworkers but now the brand name “Picoworkers” is taken over by So between the two which one is the best? 

How are and SproutGigs Related? and SproutGigs aren’t directly related but SproutGigs once used to be called Picoworkers. They used to offer micro-tasks platforms for workers and employers where both can take advantage. But a few years back they rebranded into SproutGigs and now have a platform similar to Fiverr, and also offering micro jobs. 

Are Picoworkers and SproutGigs both legit?

Both Picoworkers and SproutGigs are a legit platform that can be a good alternative to earning in your spare time. Both websites provide tasks that you can complete and earn, and both have a track record and reviews of paying users real cash that they earned completing jobs. 

What are the top differences between Picoworkers and Sprout Gigs?

While both platforms have similar goals, they also have a difference that makes each of them unique. 



  1. App Downloads: One of the best tasks you can complete on Picoworkers is to download an application. Usually, you only have to download the app for a few minutes but on occasions, you may also have to play or sign up for it. It’s one of the chill tasks that you can do all the time in the background without being bored or committed too much.  
  2. Visiting Website: The easiest task that you can complete on Picoworkers is visiting websites. This can include reading the articles, providing feedback, or signing up. They usually take around a minute to complete and can pay around $0.05.
  3. Social Media Engagement: It’s a simple task that you can find on Picoworkers, you simply have to follow social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and leave comments.
  4. Creating Accounts: Create Gmail, and Social Media accounts and provide them to the employer for an easy way to earn. 
  5. Paid Surveys: Taking surveys is one of the highest-paid and comment micro jobs that you can find and complete, especially on Picoworkers. When you register on our platform you can directly complete surveys without needing to do any kind of verification or choosing special interests. By default, you can have the option to choose the surveys that interest you, and you can find both long-form that consume a bit of time but pay well and short-form surveys that only take a few minutes but pay less. 
  6. Exclusive Offers: Unlike most platforms, Picoworkers creates its own special offers that are quick to complete and don’t ask much. Exclusive offers are a way for us to thank you for using our platform. Exclusive offers are always surprises and can range from $20 to $100.


SproutGigs is also great for earning through micro jobs, however, they may not be as versatile as Picoworkers, because they have been transforming their platfrom into more like Fiverr. You have the option to create gigs on SproutGigs just like on Fiverr but the rate is set very low by other freelancers. As for the micro jobs that you can easily complete on SproutGigs are: 

  1. Website-Visits/Sign-Ups: One of the most noticed jobs on SproutGigs is visiting websites and signing up for them. The pay is usually under a dollar or even 50 cents, but the tasks are quite easy to complete.
  2. App Installs: Like on Picoworkers, you can also find a similar task of App Installs on SproutGigs to complete. The process is similar to the tasks of Picowokrers or any other GPT website. 
  3. Surveys: Every website that offers micro-tasks has a category for surveys, including SproutGigs. You can find quick surveys on SproutGigs but not as often as on other platforms. 
  4. Clicking Ads: This may not be ethical or fully legal but you can find jobs on SproutGigs that ask you to click on Ads. Keep in mind and read the job description carefully before you complete ads that include doing anything unethical. 

If you are interested in learning more about Picoworkers you can check out the blog section.


On Picoworkers and SproutGigs upon completing tasks the money you earn gets added to your profile balance which you can withdraw once reach the minimum thersohold.  

On SproutGigs you can withdraw money once reach $5 but the fees on SproutGigs are around 15-18% which is a lot, and you are not left with much.

As for Picowokrers you can withdraw money once at $10, which is more than SproutGigs but the fees on Picoworkers are low ranging from 0 to a maximum of 1%.

Payment Methods


As for Picoworkers you have payment methods such as Stripe, Payeer, Payoneer, AirTM, Transfer Wise, Bitcoin, Skrill, and some more including local payment methods that your country supports.


The payment methods for SproutGigs are Airtm, Crypto, Uphold, Skrill, PayPal, Payoneer, and direct bank transfers.


Picoworkers and SproutGigs are available globally and can be used by everyone, but SproutGigs is known to have login issues in certain countries and gives an error of registration through VPN not allowed. 

How Much Can You Earn on Picoworkers and SproutGigs?

Both platforms are a good way to earn some side income while they won’t make you rich they can provide you with enough pocket money. Generally, you can earn around $10-100 a month or even more if you stay consistent and complete a few tasks every day. The more micro jobs you complete the more you will earn. If you utilize Picoworkers you can make more income there because of the variety of tasks, special high-paying jobs, and exclusive offers.

Which One is Better Picoworkers or SproutGigs

If you have spare time and want to earn some extra money in your free time both platforms are great, but to help you decide which one is better, this may help: 

  1. Want to earn money by being versatile then Picoworkers is for you.
  2. Want to create Gigs like on Fiverr then SprouGigs is for you. 
  3. Want to be more flexible with payment methods then Picoworkers is for you.
  4. Want to withdraw without paying too much fees then Picoworkers is for you.

Wrapping Up

SproutGigs was once known as Picoworkers but they rebranded now is the new brand and has come with better features. With you are more flexible with payments, completing tasks, have support, and barely have to pay fees. While both platforms are good, if you are looking to be more flexible, safe, and earn quickly then Picoworkers comes at the top with more opportunities. 

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