How To Make Money Watching YouTube Videos

How To Make Money Watching YouTube Videos

Getting paid to watch YouTube may seem scammy or way too unreal, but it's not some platforms let you earn while simply watching YouTube videos. So, have you ever thought about how to earn by watching YouTube videos? Stick around and find out how to make money watching YouTube videos, the best platforms for it, and how much you can get paid from watching YouTube videos. 

How Does Making Money From Watching YouTube Work?

YouTube is getting more popular day by day, which causes crowd on the platform causing many people to struggle in growing their YouTube channels. Their videos don’t get many views, causing them to look for alternatives such as buying YouTube views. But buying YouTube ways isn't authentic and organic. So, the YouTube owners turn to GPT (Get-Paid-To) platforms. 

GPT platforms allow struggling YouTubers to promote their videos to thousands of active users which opens up an opportunity for you to watch a YouTube video and earn from it. 

Best Platforms For Getting Paid to Watch YouTube Videos 


A marketplace platform made for micro-jobs, including watching YouTube videos. Picowrkers allows users to complete different types of tasks, and earn from it. These tasks can include, watching videos/YouTube videos, taking surveys, following accounts, writing comments, and much more. By doing small tasks such as watching YouTube videos you can earn some extra cash and then withdraw using various payment methods such as PayPal, Payeer, AirTM, and many others. 

Swag Bucks

Swag Bucks is a popular rewards program platform where you can perform various tasks to earn such as watching YouTube videos. The website has a user-friendly experience and you earn points to play games, watch YouTube videos, take surveys, and more. The points can be withdrawn into either a gift card starting from $3 or into cash through PayPal at $25.

Paid work

Paid work is another great GPT platform that allows you to earn money through watching ads, YouTube videos, surveys, and much more.  The downside of Paid Work is that a lot of offers may only be limited to either mobile or PC users or certain countries. You can withdraw your money in Paid work when reach $10 through crypto only. While it's not the best platform to work for, if Paid work is suitable for you then it can be one of the best places to work. 

Are There Any Benefits of Making Money Through Watching YouTube Videos?


Any of the GPT platforms don’t have a set time rule that you have to follow, or work. You can simply work as much as you want and at your hours. Freely watch YouTube videos when you want to and earn cash while doing so. 

Earn While Having Fun

We already watch content in our daily lives through social media, but earning is something we don’t make out of it. Using platforms like Picoworkers, Paid Work, etc you can simply watch YouTube videos and have fun while also earning money.

No Experience Required

The best thing about watching YouTube videos is you don’t need any experience. You can watch any type of video and work on platforms that offer micro jobs of watching YouTube videos without any experience. 

How Much Can You Earn by Watching YouTube Videos?

The earning potential of watching YouTube videos can vary from the platform you are using and how long the video is. Usually watching videos pays between $0.50 to a couple of dollars depending on how long and what niche the content is in. By being consistent you can make anywhere from a couple of dollars a day to $10-20 a day, the more videos you watch the better. 

Tip: While watching YouTube videos also complete other small tasks like surveys on platforms such as Picoworkers, to maximize your earnings in your free spare time. For example, you could take a survey while also watching a video, and doubling your income. 

Wrapping Up

Making money by watching YouTube videos is a fun and viable option for those who want to earn in their spare time. GTP platforms like Picoworkers, Swag Bucks, and Paid Work, allow you to watch YouTube videos and earn while also performing other micro-tasks. While the pay may not be great it's a viable option to make some extra cash and to maximize earnings you can also perform other micro-tasks along with watching YouTube. Overall it's a fun and easy way to earn from watching YouTube in your free time. 

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