What Is Picoworkers?

What Is Picoworkers?

As a Picoworker user, whether you are a new member or an old one, at some point you may have thought about “What is Picoworkers?” How does it work and so on? We are a platform based around micro-jobs, but you already know that, so let’s discuss in in-depth about Picoworkers, and how it can benefit you overall.

How Does Picoworkers Work?

Picoworkers work when different brands, researchers, or anyone is looking to crowdsource their jobs and get the task done in bulk. It could be a survey, testing an application/product, reviewing articles, leaving feedback, signing up to platforms, following social media accounts, and much more. The tasks usually are simple and short, users can complete them in a few minutes and earn a certain amount.

Picoworkers is completely free to work on for workers, we don’t charge any fees for signing up or completing tasks. There are also no restrictions and we are available worldwide, providing equal opportunities to everyone. Our goal is to connect employers with a huge user base of workers and give benefits to both. 

How to Get Started on Picoworkers?

Getting started on Picoworkers is quite simple and easy, we provide a user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation. Whether you are starting on Picoworkers as a worker or an employer, after signing up you can easily either start completing tasks or post a job, and here is a step-by-step guide on signing up to Picoworkers: 

  1. Visit Picoworkers and click on the register option.
  2. Enter information such as Email, Name, Username, Country, and Password, and click on the Register button. 
  3. Next, complete your verification by entering your full name, and you are done.

That’s how easy to sign up on Picowokers, next explore the features on Dashboard. In the dashboard overview, you can look at your balance, jobs completed, jobs created, and much more. Additionally, there are options to open support tickets, withdraw, deposit, change passwords, and some others. 

How Much Can I Earn From Picoworkers?

The amount you can earn from Picoworkers can vary on how much time you put in. But realistically users on Picoworkers earn anywhere from around a couple of dollars to up to $50-100 dollars a month. 

There are members on Picoworkers who complete up to 100 tasks per week and earn a good side income. While micro-jobs are still small and quick to finish, they require time to make good money. The best approach to earn from Picoworkers would be if you can’t put in the time is complete high-paying tasks, these take a bit longer than regular tasks, but the pay is well and can even reach $10-20 starting from $1.

How Do Picoworkers Pay You?

On Picoworkers, you are paid when you have completed the task accurately and it has been approved by the job owner. After approval of your submitted work, the balance is automatically added to your Picoworkers profile which you can check in the dashboard. After you have reached the minimum threshold for withdrawal, which is $10 you can request for withdrawal.

What Payment Methods Picoworkers Support? 

We support many different payment methods because our users are from everywhere around the world and we try to provide the best experience to everyone. Here is a list of Picoworkers payment methods that you can find currently: 

  1. PayPal
  2. Stripe
  3. Cashmall
  4. Coinbase Commerce 
  5. Payeer 
  6. Revolt 
  7. Transfer Wise
  8. USDT
  9. Skrill
  10. Bitcoin 
  11. Payoneer
  12. Paxum 
  13. AirTM

As we grow our platform, we will be adding more payment methods to Picoworkers from time to time.

How Can I Withdraw Money From Picoworkers?

The withdrawal process is straightforward on Picoworkers, you can simply follow the site below to withdraw your money:

  1. Log into your Picoworkers account if not already.
  2. Visit the Dashboard, and click on the withdraw option followed by “Withdraw Now.”
  3. Select a payment gateway. 
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (Minimum amount is $10.)
  5. Click on submit and provide your payment information for example PayPal email. 
  6. Click on submit again and you have successfully put in a withdrawal request.
  7. The money will be deposited into your account for example PayPal within one day.

Wrapping Up

Picoworkers is a legitimate way for everyone to earn money, grow their brand, gather information, and more. We provide flexibility, and scalability, along with a secure environment.  You can join Picowkrers today and start your journey, it's a platform that provides everything and everyone with equal opportunities. 

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