Get Paid To Download Apps

Get Paid To Download Apps: Guide on How To Make Money Downloading Apps

There are almost 9 million apps available today that we can download, and what if you get paid for downloading them? Many platforms are available that allow you to earn by simply downloading apps or performing some tasks that are generally small and called “Micro-Tasks.” But there are too many Get-Paid-To (GPT) platforms and finding the best one or a worthwhile one can be time-consuming. 

Therefore, we have put together everything you need to know about making money from downloading apps to the best 5 platforms you can use and how to maximize your earnings.

How Does Making Money From Downloading Apps Work?

There are sites and applications called Get-Paid-To (GPT). They usually offer various things such as performing surveys, micro-tasks, and downloading apps being one the main ones. The apps are generally games or sign-up referrals. 

These GPT sites are used to promote the apps and bring in active users. You can easily download these apps and get paid, but you have to fulfill certain requirements most of the time after downloading the app. The requirement could be to use the app for 5 min, reach a certain level, or something similar. The more the requirements, the better the pay will be, so make sure you read the description carefully to fulfill the conditions. 

The apps are free to download, and the reward you get from downloading can depend on the device compatibility and which platform you are using. Many of the GPT sites include such as Swag Bucks, Picoworkers, Inbox Dollars, Free Cash, and more. Some of the GPT sites/apps may offer direct cash which can be withdrawn when reaching the minimum threshold and some may offer gift cards or points that are used on the platform. 

5 Best Platforms For To Get Paid Downloading Apps

Swag Bucks

Swag Bucks can be one of the best platforms to get paid by downloading apps while also being able to complete various other tasks. The site provides many ways to regularly earn, one of them being downloading apps ranging from $0.25 to a dollar per download. Swag Bucks is available in most of the world and provides PayPal, AirTM, Payoneer, and Gift Cards as payment options, which can be used when reaching a minimum threshold of $25 for cash and $3 for gift cards. 


At Picoworkers, you are not just stuck with downloading apps to earn since we are a micro-jobs/micro-task platform. We are globally available to use and provide many categories to work in such as installing apps, taking paid surveys, visiting websites, following social media accounts, and much more. The earnings from downloading apps can vary from $0.30 to $1-2, however, if you also complete other given tasks you can make a good income from Picoworkers daily. 

The withdrawal methods we provide are such as PayPal, Payoneer, Payeer, AirTM, Stripe, Crypto, Skrill, and many more because the platform is globally available and caters to everyone. 

Free Cash

Free Cash is another great GPT website that pays for downloading apps along with completing other tasks. The best thing about Free Cash is that you can withdraw at as low as $0.50, through payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, Crypto, Gaming Skins, and some more. The payouts are generally instant on Free Cash since the minimum threshold is quite low but the downside of Free Cash is that the requirement can take a while to complete and on some offers you have to start trials to get paid. 


Pawns is quite a different platform than mentioned above, you only need to download it once and register on it. You earn on Pawns by sharing your internet bandwidth. It’s simple and quick to start and can be used on multiple platforms at once such as your mobile and computer. The minimum withdrawal is $5 which can be withdrawn through PayPal, crypto, or gift card. Pawns is globally available but the downside of using the platform is, that you won’t earn much if your internet speed is slow.

Honey Gain

Honey Gain is similar to Pawns but with much better earning potential. It allows you to earn passively by sharing your unused bandwidth and collecting honey credits. You simply have to keep the app running in the background to earn credits and for every 10 MB you share, you will be given 3 honey credits. On Honey Gain, 1000 credits are equivalent to $1 and to cash out you need a minimum of $20, which can be withdrawn through PayPal. 

How Much Money Can You Earn Downloading Apps?

You can earn quite decently by downloading apps, usually $0.10 to $0.50 per app download depending on the platform and some may even pay a couple of dollars. The money you’ll earn from the GPT websites/apps will be not comparable to what you can earn from a job, but from sites like Picoworkers and Swag Bucks, you can earn a good side income, especially as a student. 

Downloading Apps for money and competing with other micro-tasks can lead to making a couple of dollars a day which may not seem a lot but can add up a lot if work is consistent and efficient. 

How To Maximize Earning From Downloading Apps?

Maximizing earnings from downloading apps involves signing up to as many reputable websites as possible, especially those that offer more than just downloading apps. The platforms should offer various micro-jobs such as surveys, watching videos, leaving feedback, following accounts, and more. Additionally, being consistent and diverse across different platforms and alerted on special high-paying offers can also lead to an increase in earnings. 

Wrapping Up

Getting paid to download apps can be a decent way to make up some pocket money while having fun and testing new stuff. GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites work as a gateway to making money while completing simple and quick stuff like downloading apps. While they may not be able to make you rich, they surely can pay you well for your spare time. 

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